When are prostrations made at the Liturgy? by Fr. John Whiteford

This is a great article of the proper practice of when to prostrate during the Liturgy.  The link is listed at the end of the article.  Thank you Fr. John Whiteford!  Here is the text: Question: “When are prostrations made at the Liturgy?” We do not make prostrations at all on Sundays, with the exception being the veneration of the Cross on the third Sunday of Lent, or when the feasts of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross or the Procession of the Cross fall on a Sunday. We also do not make prostrations on feasts of the Lord (except for the veneration of Cross), regardless of what day they fall on. We do make them on great feasts of the Theotokos, unless they fall on a Sunday. During the Church Year, we stop making prostrations after the Presanctified Liturgy on Holy Wednesday, with the only exception being the veneration of the Epitaphios (Plashchanitsa) at Holy Friday Vespers, and Holy Saturday Matins. Even though the Epitaphios remains out until just before Paschal Matins (in Russian practice), prostrations are not supposed to be done when venerating it after the Matins of Holy Saturday (which is actually served Friday evening). We do not make prostrations again until the Kneeling Vespers of Pentecost. Keeping the above in mind, at Liturgies that do not fall on Sundays or Feasts of the Lord, there are five points at which prostrations should be made: 1. At the Anaphora, the priest or bishop says “Let us give thanks unto the Lord.” 2. At the end of the hymn: “We praise Thee, we bless Thee, we give thanks unto Thee, O Lord; and we pray unto Thee, O our God.” For those in the Altar who are able to hear it, this should be done when the priest or …

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Week of Oct. 9, 2016

Christ is in our midst! I wanted to remind you of a few things for this week.  Please note the following events on our calendar: Exaltation Calendar Wed     Family Night Potluck and Study group in the Hall 6:15 pm Fri        Divine Liturgy in honor of St. Parascheva 10 am Sat       Great Vespers at 5 pm Sun      Hours at 9:30 am              Divine Liturgy at 10 am followed by FUND RAISER LUNCHEON